These rocks can really roll! Well, most of them, anyway...

Get ready to meet a new rock group! From zippy, little pebbles to big strong boulders, the rocks get together to play and roll around their favorite hill, only to find that one of their friends, Ricky, can't roll with them. Unlike all of the others, who are all round, Ricky can't roll because he's flat on one side.

Angel Grandma Cover with a little girl and her teddy bear looking at a bright moon



Angel Grandma is a heartfelt poem made to help children connect with the loved one who has passed on. This book is a beautifully written reminder that those who are gone are never forgotten, and that they are watching over us. The images are just magical and bring to life a stunning tribute to those we love.

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A Mothers Love Cover with a woman kissing her little girl goodnight


A little girl and her teddy bear stare out the window at a bright moon

My Brother's Lion

My Brother's Lion is a story about the deep friendship shared between a little boy and his magical stuffed lion. Together they embark on an epic journey to fix a broken constellation and repair the night sky.


Separation from loved ones can be one of life’s greatest challenges. “My Brother’s Lion” leaves the reader with the knowledge that no matter the distance, the ones we love are always carried with us 

A Mother's Love

Children often take their mothers for granted...

This beautiful book is made to help every child understand how many things mothers actually do to help their kids feel loved, happy, and safe... The special bond a mother shares with her children is one of the most powerful forces of nature. The unconditional love from the ever-watchful eye of a mother is something to always be cherished.