Imagination Videobooks is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit. We create and publish animated videobooks and audiobooks of existing illustrated children's books. Our Imagination Storybooks project creates audiobooks with audio description for children with vision challenges.

Our mission is to reinforce children’s core values, such as kindness and empowerment, through the creative forces of children’s book authors, illustrators, and narrators.


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 Richard Rieman , known in Denver as “The Audiobook and Videobook Wizard,” is an acclaimed authority on  audio and video self-publishing. He has consulted and produced hundreds of Indie-published audiobooks. He is the author of the Global eBook Awards Gold Medal Winner in Writing/Publishing, "The Author's Guide to Audiobook Creation."


Richard is also an Audible Approved Audiobook Producer (Top 10%), a 2019 Gold Medal National Ben Franklin Independent Book Publishers Assn. (IBPA) Award Winner for Audiobook Nonfiction, and a 5-time winner of the EVVY Award for audiobook narration and production.

Richard's background as a 2nd Grade writer who wanted to be Superman is featured in this VoyageDenver Magazine Article.